Desperate Times…

So I was having a long work day and had seen multiple clients. I have one client that I work with that I can’t leave unattended other than short distances who also happens to be my final client of the day. So I was waiting for her in a library room and was continuing a few text conversations…. Then it happened…

Okay, so I’ve had this issue since I was a kid that whenever I feel too hot, I tend to get a nose bleed to follow. And that is JUST what happened!


I panic!

Then I unpanic! (I just made that a word) *side eye*

I gotta think fast!


I had one hand on my nose and the other frantically rummaging through my purse for some sort of napkin or tissue. Something!

I check every compartment and come up empty and I know that I can’t leave where I am. Then I remember the one thing that I always keep in every purse.


My pride said “No, are you insane?! What if somebody sees you?!”

My dramatic side said, “We have a situation that needs to be handled or people could die!!!!”


Okay, so maybe people wouldn’t die… -___-


I had to make a decision.

Now or never.

Bloody or bandaged.


So I did the only thing that I could do in the situation…




I stuck a maxi pad up my nose.


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